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Full Version: [Tutorial] Free auto database backup to dropbox script [fully automated]
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Step 1 Register here for free webdev cloud dropbox account
Step 2 download script

   The script dumps all of your MySQL databases as separate files.

   The script backs up all of your Web files (e.g: root of all of your virtual hosts).

   The script compresses your web-root and databases to a single archive.

   The script uploads the compressed archive into a folder in Dropbox.

   After the upload, the script cleans the temporary files (dumps, the archive itself)

   The script makes sure that you always have the newest Dropbox-uploader script.

You may easily add this script to your crontab, and just forget about it
DBUSER="root" #MySQL user that can dump all databases
DBPASSWORD="" #MySQL password

And make sure the scripts are only readable by the owner, not group!! (chmod 700)
Works great, thanks Smile
Hi, I really need a script for Dropbox (or other free services) to backup database and file.

This script is safe?

Thanks work's perfect .

Previously i had been using similar ones but they never had error handling, this one is professional with dropboxwebadmin account .

thanking you saved my life and this working perfect Smile
Thank you all for kind words.

thank you all
Updated Script on request and thanks again
Is it sure? The creator (or other users) can see my database user and password?
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