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Full Version: Postbit buttons on one line?
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Hi all,

Just wondering how I'd get all buttons on one line? As you can see, the ThankYou button is on the line above the rest of the buttons in the postbit.

Any help is much appreciated!
with a live preview would be easier to help you Wink
(2016-03-12, 04:12 PM)subzr1 Wrote: [ -> ]with a live preview would be easier to help you Wink

Surely it's clear from the screenshot where exactly I mean?

A preview would require you to be logged in as that is when the full postbit is displayed with quote/thank you buttons appearing.
Travel over to your PostBit under your templates and check to make sure there isn't a line break after the add thank you button.
There isn't. Any other suggestions? I would like to increase the width of the postbit if that's the issue.
thankyou like system style sheet is missing (plugin's latest version's style sheet is : g33k_thankyoulike.css)

also plugin's java script (thankyoulike.js) is loading twice - should be loaded only once