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Giving this another bump. I'm really looking to get rid of these plugins (or just Conversations for 20 US dollars). For anybody asking what's the catch (low cost) take a look at previous pages.
Hey Johnny, is there anywhere where I can actually try the conversations plugin for myself? It seems to have the right functionality so I'm a bit confused as to why no one is interested so far.
I have sent you a PM with a working demo (and user account) to check it out.
Amazing doing business with you. Smile
First post updated with lite version of conversations plugin - automatically groups private messages sent from one user to another in threaded conversation view (no invites or other features). Cost is 15 US dollars for it (one copy only, lite version is separated from featured).
Interesting, but 40$.. jesus
Forgot to update that first post (as you can see i have changed the costs multiple times in each post, haven't included that in that first PM). Or if anybody is interested in both conversations plugins i'll give them out for 25 US dollars (or reply @ reputation + two conversations plugins for 30 bucks).
Hi, do you still have it?, if so, do you have a demo of both pm conversation and the lite version?. Thanks
It's still for sale, and i have demo for both (not in the same time, since they are using same templates and functions [different files]).
Ok, can you give me the url to test the demo
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