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Full Version: Problem with site
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So I made an error, the ultimate error. On one of the icon replacement for fa ( font awesome ) tutorials mentioned that it was a sure shot on the default themeĀ  That theme happens to be my favorite too. So I deleted the Database and the forum software now I am stuck with a problem of the theme once again so that too is gone now.

When I upload the site software, I would like everything I upload not to include anything at all with the theme. How would I do that? Can I do that somehow? I learned never to screw with the default again, I just want it back and avoid the problems I created. Oh I did everything you could think of too, solutions from others which did not help after revert.

Confused I am a blonde please forgive me....
Did you delete the whole database? Do you have backups of anything before the changes?
Looking at your site, you still have remnants of your previous install so if you want to start clean you should just remove those too.
Quote:I would like everything I upload not to include anything at all with the theme.
unable to get your requirement. can you elaborate please
Okay I am working on it with a total clean install on another database, and yes I have a DB and the software, but when I upload the software, then I have the problem with no color changes and a theme like the original, That is my situation.. I did something that the DB backed up before realizing the problem but I need the software and DB that goes together with the error someplace, because of the e-books..

Now I cannot upgrade because it says I have the incorrect username... Now I am really screwed

Well we can take this off, the database was corrupt and not recoverable . I am done for now.. not with mybb but with the book site. I will open something else and work on it over the summer months.

Thank you