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Full Version: Need help with something
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Yes hello I recently changed something on the theme it self for some reason it stretched out to big here is a screen shot what i am talking about.

[Image: Picture1_zps3do4xvfc.jpg]

I want it centered evenly with the menu bar and all that can anyone tell me were and how to fix this and what i need thanks.

my site

Now the menu bar at the top is messed up someone help please.
So you want it like this?
[Image: zVdk.png]
Yes please how can you do that.
(03-15-2016, 08:36 PM)sweettarts Wrote: [ -> ]Yes please how can you do that.

All I did was remove the width from #container. Do that and you should see similar results.
That worked thanks Smile

How do I make the forums centered now the way it was