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Full Version: How to edit account approval email ?
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Upgraded to 1.87

Can not find body for email message notifying user that their account has been activated/approved.

This takes care of the subject line of the message: Configuration > Languages > messages.lang.php > emailsubject_activateaccount

But, how can I edit the body of the message?


Here's the message that I would like to edit:


The administrator has activated your forum account on .

To proceed, please go to

{forum website}

You will be able to login with the credentials you registered with.

Thank you,
if i'm not mistaken, you only get an email to activate your acc, and not one saying that your acc has been activated.

you will get a message on your forum tho, after the member activates his acc from the link of the email.
No, I've been having a few people beta test and they've received an activation email.
that message comes from ~/inc/languages/english/admin/user_users.lang.php file
nvm, i miss understood you. it's on the path .m. said above and it's "email_adminactivateaccount".
(2016-03-18, 02:30 AM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]that message comes from ~/inc/languages/english/admin/user_users.lang.php file

Thank you!

Found it! It's the email_adminactivateaccount file there.