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Full Version: Installing an ACP Theme [Duende]
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I new to MyBB and as I'm getting my forums setup I wanted to use a theme, obviously.  I've started with Duende, but I assume that the same applies to all themes.  How do I import/install ACP themes?  I downloaded the Duende ACP theme and I uploaded it to the /images folder (same as the main Duende theme) and there was no XML file or anything with it, so I'm not sure how to get my ACP to "see it".  Sorry I know I'm a noob, but I've Googled and search the forums here and can't find any answers.
The images folder for admin theme is different.
You need to upload images in folder /admin/styles/ and activate the theme from your Admin CP > Control Pantel Preferences > Control Panel Style
It should work
Easy as that. Thank you kindly.