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Full Version: Replicate a user registration on another remote database as well.
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Hi, me again.

I recently had (and still having) an issue with host. That is: on some locations my site is not accessible at times, so I got another host and installed MyBB there as well.
I only copied essential tutorials and posts there and made it read only, so if any of our registered users can't access the site, they still could go to 2nd host and login their to see the content.

For now, with each new registration on main site, I have to manually copy those changes in user table at 2nd host and as you could imagine, that it is so wrong and pathetic doing it this way.

So, is there any possible way to automate this process? that whenever a user table gets updated by new registration or existing registered member gets updated, it also gets replicated on the 2nd host. Or better if this could be done for the whole site.

Thanks in advance
you can try using a method like this => Sync your users with another MyBB board
Thank you .m.
Seem like nice solution and I'll try it out.