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Full Version: Have this appear in every postbit
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I have an ebook site which I am rebuilding. I want folks to be able to read the books online.. so in order to do that they need to dl Adobe..

I don't want to write it permanent... like this..
my site

Where would I try that on the so it will appear on the newthread or where please?
if you want it to appear on each & every post then
find {$post['message']} in postbit & postbit_classic templates and add required code after it like below
<div class="mypostcode">your code here</div>

or you can add required code at the bottom of the postbit templates

if you want to display it only once then you can add required code before / after / near {$posts} in showthread template
Wow ! Thank you .m.! It was exactly what I was looking for. So easy too..
The only thing is I will have to try different ways that you suggested, where I would like to put it is above the edit multipost but I do not know where on the showthread that is