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Full Version: Taking ownership of someone else's board
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Ok, so lets say someone ran a mybb message board for 5 years. They suddenly decided they are done with it and don't want to run the board anymore. So they do a backup of the board and hand all the backup files to someone else so the new person can go take the whole history of the board, go to whatever host they wanted, and reinstall the new board under whatever new domain they wanted. All that is doable right? As long as there are working database files the new person can do that? What are the small details(or large) that need to happen to make that work?

Just asking because I could possibly be in that situation soon.
It is doable.

In fact all you need is all the board files, and mysql database file..

Once you have the files, upload them to new server.

Then import the database via phpmyadmin.

After that simply edit ./inc/config.php and ./inc/settings.php to match the new board database details.

Check this similar scenario out:
Great. Thanks for the info.

Edit: Since it wouldn't be my board I'm guessing I would need to know passwords as well?
(2016-03-24, 09:43 PM)maintainin Wrote: [ -> ]Great. Thanks for the info.

Edit: Since it wouldn't be my board I'm guessing I would need to know passwords as well?

It would save you a lot of pain yes. But, no. If absolutely needed you should be able to create a master admin acc by editing your database.
if you like to have a look at the related discussion, here is the link
So this definitely looks like this is going to happen. So I need two backup files right? The sql.gz back up and the tar.gz back up? Just asking because when I backup my current board it gives those two files as backup.

Would the easiest route just be to have him upgrade his current board to the same version as mine and use the merge tool available?

"Anyway, I don't think I want to do that for a few different reasons.  I don't have an issue with giving up the threads and posts but I don't want to give out peoples personal information(emails and stuff) to a site they don't know about.  Not that I think you'll do anything with it, I just wouldn't want my info passed to a third party without my knowing it."

The owner of the original site has an issue. I posted his concern above. Is that true if I used the merge tool? Emails and personal info gets carried over? Whats the difference between using the merge tool vs him simply handing me the databases and me installing them all fresh on my own host?

I guess I don't know enough about all of this. Is there a way to merge just the forum contents of one mybb board to another mybb board? Or is that all that the merge tool does anyway?