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Full Version: Link description showing up as regular text
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So one of the posters on my board brought up the fact that when they post a link in a thread and use the option to replace the link with a description that it just looks like regular text. There's no outward appearance that the description is actually a link. How can I change this so maybe its another color or maybe underlined? What attribute is that in css? Thanks
you can add style properties like below at the bottom of global.css or showthread.css
.post_content a  {color: green !important; text-decoration: underline;}
.post_content a:visited {color: magenta !important;}
Thanks .m. that does work but it also changes the number of the post on the right as well. I can live with that but might there be some more specific code that just affects that link?
^ for that adjustment you can add style property like .post .post_head a {color: #000!important;}
Excellent! Thanks very much!