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so, i'm new to mybb

just install it on my domain, and i currectly dont have any smileys at all...

im pretty much going from proboards to my MYBB so im abit confussed and losts....please help :Sad  Big Grin

or even how do i add using a control panel from
what is your forum url ?
run file verification tool available at tools & maintenance section of forum admin panel.
does it report any missing files / missing smilie images ?

there's alot of files you want me to post them?
Quote:install/images/active.png Missing
install/images/inactive.png Missing
install/images/index.html Missing
install/images/submit_bg.png Missing
install/images/tcat.png Missing
install/images/thead.png Missing
install/index.php Missing
install/resources/adminoptions.xml Missing
install/resources/adminviews.xml Missing
install/resources/index.html Missing
install/resources/language.lang.php Missing
install/resources/mybb_theme.xml Missing
install/resources/mybb_theme_colors.xml Missing
install/resources/mysql_db_inserts.php Missing
install/resources/mysql_db_tables.php Missing
install/resources/output.php Missing
install/resources/pgsql_db_tables.php Missing
install/resources/settings.xml Missing
install/resources/sqlite_db_tables.php Missing
install/resources/tasks.xml Missing
install/resources/upgrade1.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade10.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade11.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade12.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade13.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade14.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade15.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade16.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade17.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade18.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade19.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade2.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade20.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade21.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade22.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade23.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade24.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade25.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade26.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade27.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade28.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade29.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade3.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade30.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade31.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade32.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade33.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade34.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade35.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade4.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade5.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade6.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade7.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade8.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade9.php Missing
install/resources/usergroups.xml Missing
install/stylesheet.css Missing

ignore files reported from install folder & its sub-folders.
did you get report that some other files are missing ? if so post that list here
i did posted edit aboved post.
okay - looks like nothing wrong with the files.
smilie images links are looking for gif images (link) but MyBB 1.8.x uses png type images

you can run queries like below to fix the issue
UPDATE `mybb_icons` SET  `path`= REPLACE (`path`, '.gif', '.png') WHERE `path` LIKE '%.gif%'; 

UPDATE `mybb_smilies` SET  `image`= REPLACE (`image`, '.gif', '.png') WHERE `image` LIKE '%.gif%'; 

see also common sql queries guidance
how do i do this?

sorry im new to all of this..

or they are appearing in my control panel, but not appearing on the actual forum..

really confussed

okay so i got the smileys working

but now the topic icon's aren't working...
assuming that you have phpMyAdmin at the web host control panel, below guidance should help
common sql queries guidance