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Full Version: auto subscribe to threads
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A user brought up that they were automatically subscribed to every thread the commented on on a different mybb board(which I believe is still 1.6) where as my board they are not. Is that something that was part of 1.6 and no longer in 1.8 or am I missing a setting somewhere? It looks like there was a plug in available for 1.6. Its not something I want on as default for all users but it would be nice to allow them to set that option for themselves. Best way to do that?
If there is a plugin for this available for 1.6, you can change the mybb_version line to 18* in the plugin file, if no error appears, you should be able to use it.
Actually I just saw where in the user cp there is a thread subscription mode. I think that's what the user needs to set accordingly.
Thats an option too.
Yeah I think so. It makes sense iif it was anywhere it would be in the user cp. Should've looked there first. Thanks anyway!
Thats no problem Wink we are here to help.
Automatic Subscriptions plugin is expected to work with MyBB 1.8.x by changing the compatibility
Thanks .m. I think the user was just wanting to auto subscribe to any threads he posted in so I think the built in option in user cp is what he needs to set.