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Full Version: Address IP problem - everybody have the same IP
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Hi, I see that everybody on my forum have the same IP address - it is my machine address. I do not know why. What I do? I install clear new version of MyBB and then I copy from old database some tables to new database. I do not know how to repair it. Any one can help me with that? After I installed new MyBB some bots register new accounts. I banned that bots and then MyBB bans yourself. Then I recognize that bots have my machine IP. But now not only bots have that IP. Now every user have this IP.
scrutinizing users' IP address should help
admin panel >> configuration (settings) >> Server and Optimization Options >> Scrutinize User's IP
I'm second admin on this forum, yes that works ip addresses are different now, thanks for help.
I am not sure that option. Why by default it is turned off? In the past on old installation of my forum when I change this option many people can not registers. I have to test it now to be sure that everything works correctly.
Quote:Why by default it is turned off?

Because most installations aren't behind a proxy, and it's trivial to spoof the IP.
Are you on Cloudflare?
No i am not. I change this option and now works correctly. I am no sure about registration. I still have to test it.
As I thought. Now registration does not work. Nobody can register new account because of that (look at image):


So what now?  Angel
^ well, that issue should have nothing related to the ip address scrutinizing !
It have! I still have old version installed on my server and there captcha works with that option turned on. In the past someone tell me how to fix it but now I don't remember what to do. It is possible to fix it.