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Full Version: Problems After Server Move
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My hosting company moved my forum to a new server and ever since then I'm getting strange behavior. I contacted them and they restored from a earlier backup which didn't help at all.

I would post a message in a forum and it would end up in an entirely different forum. Not every post would do this.
There are certain forums that you can't view if you aren't logged in. If I log out and go to those forums I am able to see them. If I do a refresh on the page with my browser then I get the message saying I don't have permission to view that forum, as it should. If I log back in and try to view that forum it says I don't have permission but if I do a page refresh then I see the threads like I should be able to. It seems like some sort of caching issue but I'm no expert on this stuff.

So I took the opportunity to upgrade from 1.8.6 to the latest version and also did a restore from my latest backup that was prior to the server move. No luck though so I'm looking for any help I can get to solve this.

Thanks in advance. Smile
that again looks like server related issue & web host needs to fix it
(03-28-2016, 02:40 AM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]that again looks like server related issue & web host needs to fix it

Thanks, I'll try working it out with my web hosting service.

One other thing I have a question on is when I run file verification I get a message saying inc/functions.php has changed. I haven't changed it so I'm wondering if it's corrupt and could be causing my issues?

Well, this isn't good. I gave my hosting company access to my forum but they say they can't duplicate the problem. Would doing a clean install likely help? I'm at a lose as to what to do now. Confused
maybe that file is corrupted try to replace tat file with file from latest MyBB archive. Well i switched about 13 Server till yet and all forums are working perfectly there is not issue at all, there is something with your host. And for caching issue just clear your cache or reload the page with ctrl+f5, i once got this issue with cloudflare caching mechanism then i purged all the cache and it got fixed.
Now I'm seeing an issue where if a member clicks on the green arrow in the "View Unread Posts" it sometimes takes them to the wrong thread. But if they click on the post link instead it seems to work fine.  Huh
Have you refreshed the recount/rebuild options in the AdminCP?
(03-30-2016, 06:21 AM)talkhearts Wrote: [ -> ]Have you refreshed the recount/rebuild options in the AdminCP?

Yes, numerous times. Sad
Well after a few days, the problems seem to have disappeared. As suspected, the hosting service must have been at fault and finally got their act together.

Thanks for all of the advise.