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Full Version: Hide Private Forums option
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In Forum Home options, there is a setting for;

"Hide Private Forums?

You can hide private forums by turning this option on. This option also hides forums on the forum jump and all subforums."

However I can't seem to see what this does. I've tried making forums inactive, closed, password protected... but they do nothing and I can't see an option to make a forum private.

So what exactly does this option do?

if access to a forum is restricted to some user groups then it is called as a private forum.
such private forums can be hidden on the index page through above referred option.
i.e. user groups which do not have access can not see that forum on the index page
Okay, thank you. One other thing... what is the difference between:

Show x viewing forum
Displays the currently active users viewing each forum.


Users Browsing this Forum
Here you can turn off the 'users browsing this forum' feature.

They sound like the same thing to me Toungue
Show x viewing forum => number of users browsing the forum.
it is shown on the index page at the individual forums.

Users Browsing this Forum => actual users (names) who are browsing the specific forum.
it is shown on the forumdisplay page of the specific forum
Go to -

Select the Forum to hide - click options - click permissions - set your desired permissions in edit permission for the registered group Smile

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