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Full Version: Disable validity checks for contact fields
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So until 2.0 comes out, I'm fine with changing templates and having ICQ, AIM and other fields renamed to something else, all over the front end, to other services like Steam. I don't care that the admin panel will still say ICQ/AIM either; I'll keep track of the differences.

However, is there any way to remove the validation? For example I can only enter numbers in to the ICQ field; how can I make it alphanumeric characters?

Is there no way to do this at all?
I wish I had good knowledge of PHP/MySQL but nope... surely there's a way? Toungue
Why don't you add new profile fields instead of editing those in-built fields?
Because the contact fields are already heavily built in, with everything from their own permissions, down to being in special "zones"/headers in the profile and registration pages. I thought that it would be good to make use of the integrated fields rather than clogging up my additional fields which is already lengthy Toungue
You thought wrong. It's definitely more recommended to use the feature that's supposed to be used for new fields.
Then is there a way to add custom fields under the contact fields section in profile and registration forms?