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Full Version: Can't read PM's
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I have had an error pop up today and I cannot solve it!

When going to READ a private message the following screen appears:
[Image: b03d2cd4328410c6d921e53d34d246c2.png]

You send messages fine etc, but just cannot read them! Please help, thanks
which plugins you have in active status ?
Well it seems to have happened today since I added Hide Content Until Reply (1.9)

When I go to plugins and click "Deactivate" I get this error and it doesn't de-activate:
[Image: bb7628957b0cb644a1ebef84387d3ade.png]

How am I supposed to deactivate it? Just delete the files?
change rebuildsettings() to rebuild_settings() and you should be able to deactivate the plugin
I have done that, deactivated the plugin, and the SQL error has gone!

Thanks .m. appreciate the help