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Full Version: Restrict access to certain categories/forums/subforums, etc without X Amount Of Posts
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Hi. I am wondering if I can restrict access to certain categories and forums until users have made 5 posts. And those first five posts MUST BE APPROVEDBY A MODERATOR/ADMIN. And once they have made 5 posts and they have all been approved they can access the certain category. 

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You can do this through group promotion when user has X post move to X usergroup which has access to those sections/forums but you would have to have the registered group set to moderate new posts.
Yes just as RZeroxX pointed out. I use that on my forum but in case you are not familiar with how to go about it , first go here:
Make a new group and name it whatever you please

After you have configured your new group, ( groups ) on that same page at the bottom of the left hand menu you will see group promotions, click/tic that and set it up according to your preference.

You can also use the forum permissions to allow certain forums open or not seen by your various groups or certain permissions. Further permissions can be done on a group also by clicking the group member say Guest and clicking or not clicking/ ticking the various permissions.

Hope that helps