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Full Version: Image attachment not working
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I am all new to this. I installed 1.87 on my website about a week ago. Everything was working good until yesterday. Now when people attach images, I see a little box and that is it. Is there anyway to repair my install of MyBB, because a file/files may have been deleted in error? Please let me know.

thanks in advance for any response or help
what is your forum url ? are you using a language pack other than default American English ?

Just using American English. I fear a file was deleted by someone I should not have trusted.
^ I don't think that could be the case.
anyway, you can run file verification tool available at tools & maintenance section

you can also try using php files cleaner plugin
Thanks so much for all your replies and help.

Here is what I get when I run file verification and the cleaner.

Could one of these be my problem?
please download a fresh pack of MyBB 1.8.7 and reupload those reported files by overwriting existing files.

if above doesn't help then you may PM me temporary access to forum admin panel & files to check the issue
Thank you so much for all your help and patience. 

A week ago I knew absolutely nothing about this whole thing. I have read so many posts here and it has helped me so much. This community and you totally "Rock".

I will do as you said when I get home from work tonight and post my results.

Replacing the files did not work. I will send you a PM - thanks

I figured it out!!! It was a plugin called "Private Profile" that was causing the problem. I turned it off and everything works perfect!! Thanks so much!!