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Full Version: Blank error when upgrading
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When I try to upgrade it always fails on the Templates Reverted section. I get an error message and nothing follows. Here is a link to the screenshot:
Can you post error log's from Cpanel!, other than that, try to install fresh copy of latest version .

Or wait for some time, someone might have solution for your exact issue.
I am not using a panel for this site. When I tail -f the error_log and reproduce the steps above, no errors are generated.

Don't know if this is relevant, but I noticed that custom pages I created using custom templates are now also not working, despite templates on the main site working.

<?php echo $header_no_nav; ?>
Wait for staff member to reply on this, keep a test admin account and FTP details ready to send him upon asking.
Is anyone able to offer further advice? I wanted to change the forum around somewhat today, and this is now not possible. Not to mention none of my custom pages work. My admin panel doesn't tell me the forum is out-of-date, could it have worked?
What do you mean by "none of my custom pages work"? If you have a backup try upgrading it locally.
I now see my mistakes I made here. For the upgrade I uploaded all the files as another user, and the blank error was a file permissions issue. On the other hand, the custom templates weren't working because of a change I made to a core file and forgot about. Please see this thread for more: