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Full Version: Email Activation problems
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hey so i got a forum setup with a free domain through byethost, all was going good until i realized i cant receive activation emails or even request password emails, it's been bothering me for the last few days and I've tried a few fixes for it people claimed that worked for them, but none have seemed to work for me.

Could it be byethost doing this? If so; can anyone suggest a good free hosting site that does? Because I've seen posts saying their free plans don't support PHP any more...

If it's not that I was wondering what I could possibly attempt to resolve this, any help is appreciated thankyou Smile

PHP is supported by Byethost free just received a response from their support, wellp anyone know how I'd go about fixing this?

As you can see I'm a noob at this stuff lol, but thanks all
If PHP wasn't supported, MyBB wouldn't install in the first place. Mail problems are usually caused by wrong configuration, make sure the Admin Email in Site Details is correct.

EDIT: so closing, please don't post duplicates.