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Full Version: PHP Query Won't Affect Anything?!
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EDIT: I found the fix. All I had to do was manually run the query for the super moderator admin (myself user-1) and then I run it on the rest of the users and it automatically successfully executed the query.
Can you show me what query youre trying to run
I believe running MySQL query from phpmyadmin should be more than enough.
Are you trying to run this query posted in this thread?
I am running this query:

UPDATE `mybb_users` SET `classicpostbit` = '0' WHERE `classicpostbit` = '1' 
That is because you are running the query to force the classic postbit (vertical), try:
UPDATE `mybb_users` SET `classicpostbit` = '1' WHERE `classicpostbit` = '0'
No i was running the correct query, for horizontal.

Check the thread yourself.

Tried your query just for the sake of it, and it just forced vertical..

Horizontal is the query i tried, somethings wrong on my server.
^ may be your theme doesn't has the required horizontal postbit layout !
check it by opening postbit & postbit_classic templates on separate tabs & compare the codes
My theme was created with only compatibility for horizontal.

I've confirmed it has all the support and requirements for horizontal.

It's only my database that's not fulfilling the query.

I am going to contact my vps host.