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Full Version: cannot edit in quick edit when put stuff in [img] mycode
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I suddenly put a stuff in [img] mycode ,but when I wanted to edit it in quick reply
I couldn't edit it because it was showing a broken image !

[Image: wvhlaz.png]

when I want to edit in quick edit
[Image: pieizu.png][/img]
QWuick edit doesn't have SCEditor by default. Can you reproduce it here/on a clean board?

[Image: pieizu.png]
Sam Wrote:I think that issue is someone entering text inside an image tag. MyBB is showing the contents of the [img] tag where as SCEditor is trying to load it as a URL. The image BBCode could be changed to match whatever method MyBB uses to decide if the contents is a valid URL or not. Alternatively I could add a click to edit plugin for image URL’s.

This may be related so should be rechecked, otherwise rejected due to missing information.