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Full Version: Add a user by defaut in "primary group"
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I want when a leader group add a member, the group is by defaut the "primary group" & the title is showed.

How ?
In Users&Group - Create new group and inside group settings set your custom user title

Go here:

and set "Default User Title", now when you add any user in your custom group they will get the 'user title'

Or you can go to 'Manage user group' - "registered group" or so to say, your "primary group" and set user title.

[Image: a07909962aad4463a45be08f9c11a6eb.png]
When I add a member in a group, the group wasn't set to "primary group" :
I'm need to :

Else, the group not appears on the profile of the member
By default they're added to additionalgroups, you'd need to edit the join_usergroup() function located in inc/functions.php