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Full Version: login problem
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so, i just updated my theme on my forum..

but none of my members can access there account to edit there profile....

when your login you can see three lines on the left hand side up the top..
but it seems to not be doing anything? just takes you back to the index?
and also i cant reach the admin cp or even the mod cp Sad

any help?
referred issue is related to cookie domain. see login related guidance
didnt work...followed what it said and its still not working..
clear cookies by clicking on the link provided on this page ; close browser & reopen it and try login process again.

if above doesn't help then you may PM me access to files (FTP) & forum admin panel to check it
(you can give your own credentials and change them later)
nope didn't work... Sad

now i can't log on to the my forum......
removed www from the board url & added redirect rule for www url to http url
login & logout process should work fine now (checked twice).
if not working then once again clear browser cookies (& browser cache) and try again
i can't access my forum at all now...wont let me login to anything....

sorry i dont know what im doing as i said im new to this...
can someone check login please ..
site :
test user account : testuser
pwd : testusertalks
i tried and i can't even log in to that account....

would i have to uninstall and reinstall? please dont tell me i have to do that....this will be the third time ive had to do this...
^ no, there should be no need to uninstall & reinstall MyBB.
can you restart your computer & check again ..

I've checked login process with 3 browsers & it is working for me !
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