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Full Version: linked images not displaying if 1000 pixels or larger
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Hi, I've run into an issue that is causing me some headaches.

If an image hosted on another site is inserted using the "Insert Image" button on the editor (I am using Rin Editor 0.6.19 on myBB 1.8.7) and either the width or length is 1000 pixels or greater, the image does not display, instead, you just see the myBB code for inserting the image. E.g.


If I adjust the dimensions so that they are both <1000 pixels, then it displays just fine.

I know that the 999 pixel limit was deliberate (to prevent ridiculously huge files), but is there a way to either:
  • have all >999 pixel images automatically resized so that they will display correctly, or failing that,
  • display a clickable link for images with any dimension >999 pixels instead of just the bbcode?
I have tried MyBB Ncode Image Resizer, but it does not appear to have any effect. I have also tried swtiching attachment display between thumbnail and full image, but as these are linked images, it has no effect.

Any ideas, anyone?
Thanks, should I remove the line you indicated in class_parser.php to disable this?

Otherwise, is there another workaround?
Remove? No, [img] wouldn't work at all then. You can apply this patch;
Thanks, that fixed it!