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Full Version: Upgrade to MySQL 5.6
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My webhost provider sent me an email informing/warning me that they are upgrading to MySQL 5.6 and they sent me this link to let me know about issues that "may affect you"

As just a user (not developer) of MyBB, my first response was: Yikes! How should I know?

So I'm hoping someone here knows. Hopefully MyBB is so mainstream that MySQL would be careful about breaking it and/or MyBB would have been developed to be careful with its usage obscure features… But I'm just hoping. Does MyBB generally breeze through MySQL upgrades?
Hi Dave,

MyBB should be just fine with an upgrade to MySQL 5.6. 5.7 was the only upgrade that we recently ran into issues with, but I think even most (or all?) of those were taken care of in 1.8.7.

However, if you encounter any problems, we're always here to help!

Oh my - 1.8.7 - I think my MyBB is much older. I haven't had much time to pay attention to it lately due to other things and it has been humming along as-is. I believe I stopped updates some time ago because a plug-in issue. I'll have to go back and look at this. A number of things have conspired to keep me from working on my own website as much as I should lately.