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Full Version: Showteam.php on google page rank instead of home page
You're currently viewing a stripped down version of our content. View the full version with proper formatting. page is showing on google page rank instead of the site name

Is this a PHP problem....not an IT person but think there is something odd. Please assist with your comments.
your forum is using a old version of MyBB which is no longer supported.
anyway, you have to use robots.txt file and disable indexing of some files

edit: sample robots.txt file
Is there anyone who can assist with the above on my site for a small fee -rebooting and updating the theme without loosing content,.
Hi broadex,
I checked the Page rank on
And it is not showing any issues on that page.
Now I need few information from you, first of all can you explain your question properly with all details to me.

Because page rank for your site is 0 and as far as i see it grows depending on backlinks.
Let me know