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Full Version: Activation Email
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Hi there.

I have just installed mybb (the latest version) onto my web server, and all my members have not received the activation email. 

I did however come across some other people with similar issue, so ill just get right into all the "pre-checks"

The log states: MyBB was unable to send the email using the PHP mail() function.

I am using PHP mail and not SMTP!

If anything else is needed please post! 


I have got in contact with my hosting provider, who "is looking into it"
Does this send a mail when you test it, if not you would have to wait until your hosting provider fixes it.
Thanks for you reply.

So I created the file, and uploaded and changed what was needed but got this :

PHP could not send the mail
^ obviously its better to contact your web host and ask to setup php mail.
If your host not able provide you php mail then use any free SMTP mail provider like mailchimp and Targethero.
I ended up using SMTP as the sendMail.. I have access to phpmail but it doesnt work for some reason.
Phpmail, you should contact to your host.
They can resolve it, better to use SMTP which you are doing anyways.