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Full Version: License type + possible mistake
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From the license (emphasis mine):

Quote:MyBulletinBoard is FREE Software
MyBulletinBoard is distributed as "FREE" software granting you the right to download MyBB for freem and install a physical working copy at no extra charge. You may charge a fee for the physical act of transfering a copy.

First of all, "freem" isn't a word. Wink But secondly, I'm not sure that's what you meant to say. Are you really meaning to grant users the right to charge for this software? that seems to go against the earlier restriction on distribution and reproduction in the EULA.

By the way, you guys have a great product. This is the first board I have seen in awhile that looks liketi might eventually challenge vBulletin. SMF looks nice too, and that new version of phpBB if they ever make it, but MyBB is slick. Smile
You can charge someone if they choose to have their board moved to a different place/host. I believe..
Cory is correct. I'll see to getting the spelling error fixed too. Smile
I just noticed that I typoed the subject of this thread (type/typo). D'oh!


You might want to reword that part of the license, because it sounds now it seems like you can charge for transferring a copy (as in distribution, or reselling a license). I know it says "physical act," but that it still rather vague (and/or someone could put it on CD and mail it... Wink). Maybe change it to something like, "You may charge a fee for installion, custome modification, or server-to-server transfer of MyBB software."