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Full Version: How to create a multi-language forum?
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My organization supports clients who know English, Italian, and Portuguese. What is the best way to set up a private multi-language forum? I don't want clients for one language being distracted by seeing postings in another language, but I don't need privacy between languages, only within the entire forum.

My initial design ls like this:


But this would create lots of duplicate software (files and databases) that would have to be maintained into the future.
you can use different categories for different languages and they can be separated by tabs at the top
see MyTabs plugin

Extend section consists of some language related plugins. a couple of them might be helpful for your requirement.
Thank you for pointing out the tabs plugin. I will try that.

Your extend section link seems to point to the wrong place. I don't see language related plugins. Do you mean Translations?

Can anyone help me further? I'm looking for a forum that supports clients with different languages, both in using the forum and in seeing postings only in their language.

I think using the forum itself in different languages is the harder part.
If you don't want them to see the other languages post, you could just use usergroups and set forum permissions per usergroup.
please use search box at the Extend section & search for "language" (without quote marks)
you also have this plugin for board names in more languages:
Thanks all for the suggestions. Sorry, not clear that they will work for me.

My continuing question is about the MyBB interface.

For example, on the page I am typing into right now, there are buttons such as "New Reply" and "Post Reply". Users in languages other than English should see these captions in their language, not in English. Besides buttons, there are many text strings (such as "Quick Reply") in English here.

Sorry, but I don't see how tabbing the forum sections, or changing board names, or using usergroups solves this big problem. Can I use one installation of MyBB for many languages or not? See my original design in my first posting above, which requires a separate installation of MyBB for each language. Do I have to do it that way? Or is MyBB designed to change its interface according to the user's language?

How do I create such a multi-language forum?
You can install different language files, and have the users select their own language at registration. Mybb would then be translated to their own language: