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Full Version: Where do I find my forum??
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Hello, i'm an italian person so I make mistakes! I tell you that I don't find my forum! I put www.tricraft like URL, but I don't find it!
That's not a valid domain.
Even if I add .com in the domain name, it is redirecting to some other domain.
Lele Sante, have you installed myBB on above domain or some other site ?
Can you confirm your domain names extension (.com, .net etc)?

And how did you install MyBB (Manually, Softaculous or another auto-installer)?
Sorry I forgot the domain! I put .it

My forum is
The domain is valid now but doesn't seem to be pointed to any server.
EDIT: most likely because it hasn't been reserved yet either.. Did you buy a domain in the first place? is currently available for registration. You would want to actually register it first then signup to a web hosting provider.

Once you have signed up with a web hosting provider, you should be given a set of nameservers which you would point your domain name to.

If you like, feel free to PM me and I'll be happy to assist you in getting your domain and web hosting all set up (even if you don't host with us).
Sorry but i don't understand! I saw a tutorial on Youtube, but i don't find my forum....
You need to buy a "Web Hosting". For now you have purchased "Domain Name"

I feel awkward to say this, but i feel pity for you. Well, Private Message (PM) teamviewer id/pass and i will help you buy host and configure nameserver etc etc

To know bit more about Teamviewer refer the link below (Bottom right of my post)

Don't worry, keep asking your doubt's, you are totally new to web stuff and everyone was a beginner in the beginning and we all will help you set your forum up and running
I use like web hosting
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