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Full Version: Attempting to update to 1.8.7 fails and breaks our database
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    We attempted to update to 1.8.7 but that resulted in an error message ( ) "1264 - Out of range value for column 'postnum' at row 599".Once that happened, I simply reverted back to the 1.8.6 files but we started getting bugs, such as plugins displaying their variables twice after being disabled/re-enabled, quick replies not refreshing the page automatically and seemingly "loading forever", the CHMOD had been reverted to not 777 on the necessary files, the "last poster" on the forums' index not updating..See this thread for more info: I've rolled back both the 1.8.6 files AND the database and we're back to normal, the bugs are gone, etc.. but we are back to 1.8.6.So now, before we can update to 1.8.7, we need to find out what is wrong with our database that is causing these issues when we attempt to update.Thank you for your help.
Thank you!
Please start creating upgrade-related topic in the forum situated right below General Support - thank you. Moved there.

(2016-04-12, 12:43 PM)Monkeys Wrote: [ -> ]Once that happened, I simply reverted back to the 1.8.6 files

That's one of the worst thing you could do - don't do it. But good that you reverted the whole backup afterwards.

What's your MySQL version, which system does your server run and what's the highest value you have in that postnum column (or just provide the value from the mentioned row)?
Why is that the worst thing to do? If a backup fails and my forums are broken and inaccessible, rolling back the files & database to the backup I had is not a good thing?

Current version: 1.8.6
SQL Engine is MySQLi 5.5.38
Running on a dedicated server with Windows Server Web
Highest value for postnum is 3510. There are 8 entries that have -1 though, don't know why.

I keep trying to run the SQL query "select * from mybb_users where ROWNUM = 599" but it returns nothing.
Am I allowed to bump threads?
Well I don't know why this thread was ignored. Either way, big thanks to .m. for helping out.

The issue was that some postnums were at -1 for whatever reason. Set them to 0 and that fixed it.