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How to add a line that shows head staff of the forum below forum name. And its setupable from ACP. Only one person is available to be a head each forum or category. When clicked name, it redirects to the user's profile.
For example:
Quote:General Support
Head Staff: SDM
Need to make head staffs' group. So i can create a forum that only head staffs are able to use.
how many head staff members you have ? may be you can use template conditionals plugin & manual coding

<if $fid == X then>Head Staff: profile link</if>
I guess every forum and category will have a head staff member. I have been learning. By now i cant make it myself. I need to make it. Settings of head staff should be just like settings of mods of the forum.
Where can i find the code of moderators of forum? So i think i will be able to copy and change them to what i need. Or could you give me some directions and advices?
ACP >> Templates >> Your theme's Templates >> Forum Bit Templates >> forumbit_moderators


ACP >> Configuration >>  Languages » English (American) >> global.lang.php >> forumbit_moderated_by