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Full Version: Full thread titles on index page
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I'd like the full thread titles to show on the index page instead of as now being cut short and ... added if they are considered too long. How do I go about this?

As an example, this is how it looks now:

Why am I Unhappy Right

It makes no sense not to have:

Why am I Unhappy Right
if(my_strlen($lastpost_subject) > 25)
$lastpost_subject = my_substr($lastpost_subject, 0, 25)."...";

you can change characters number from 25 to 75 (or 100 / 120)

That worked fine!

And how do I do the same thing for the threads in the Portal?
if(my_strlen($thread['subject']) > 25)
$thread['subject'] = my_substr($thread['subject'], 0, 25) . "...";
you can follow the same method as suggested above
Thank You for quick and excellent answers!