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Full Version: { Request } For a World of Warcraft Skin
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I need a Forum set on a dark theme. Dark Red, Black, Gold, and a little bit of white. We're alliance so i would like a human or something symbolising we're alliance. Thank You.
Can anyone Make?

We do custom work for free, not many people do though, so it might be tough finding someone.
k ty ill check it out but in the meanwile if u come accross me here and can make one please it would be much needed
Maybe someone can convert the ones from phpBB?

Best of luck! Wink
The only thing I can do is make the icons. Send me a PM on which color you'd like to have them.
I actually discussed converting an VB WOW theme about 2 weeks ago and received permission to convert it. I just need an afternoon to complete this.  At Mybb Central it's been requested a couple times so it's been on my to do list.  And yes...the template will be free.

[Image: wow.gif]

The only stipulation they requested was copyright and to also include it on their site for download which I will of course respect.
hey i have a few great skins for your board that would fit perfect, have you been playing the new sim online? did you catch the mr t advert for the world of warcraft game on television?