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Full Version: Security mailing list
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Hi guys

I'm a new user, hovered over from sitepoint where they were discussing the pros and cons of vb

I have to say this forum rocks! Kick lime over the other ones out there, has just the right blend of features.

I'm just installing the forum now and was wondering is there a security mailing list that we can subscribe to keep us up to date? I have tried looking for one but didnt find one. If it isnt available that is my suggestion Big Grin

Thank you all
Hi, welcome and thanks for your comments. Smile

There's not currently a mailing list but there are a couple of ways you can still keep upto date with things.

The obvious one is to keep checking the announcements forum here. Alternatively, when there's a very important announcement you will generally also be able to see it from the "Version Check" page of your admin control panel. Wink
Thanks for your reply

I had asked the above without logging into the admin panel. Seriously you guys rock