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Full Version: How to set new members to subscribe "Instant Email"
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I have MyBB version 1.8.7 installed.

I'd like to be able to have new members automatically receive email responses when they make a post or reply to a post.

I've seen a number of old posts stating how to deal with this including.

However, I'm still not clear how to do it. Would be great if I could just choose an option to set it this way without having to delve into the code. (But I suppose that's not available at the moment.)

Also I'd like members to be able to turn this option off afterwords if they don't want it. I just want it set as their default setting upon first subscribing to the forum. It appears that in the past when this was set this forced members to only have the "Instant Email" notifications without being able to turn it off if they wanted to.

Can someone give me a step by step guide from beginning to end?

I'm a relatively new user and have never changed any of the code on the site before. I'm not a programmer either.

I have found the "member_register" template.

Should I backup the original template? And if so what is a good way of doing that?

I don't want to totally screw up my forum by making this change.

Also would be good if I could apply this change to members who have already registered. Again I'd need detailed instructions for that. I saw some instructions for version 1.6 but again it was not enough info for my background. Having to run some php script or something like that. But the people posting assumed the person already knew how to do that. I don't.

Thank you kindly,