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Full Version: Clear spammer from whos online
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[Image: 2dcd0mp.jpg]

this problem came after i've ban 2 user and 2 IP with same 1st IP like this

and all of them only see 1 topic, like Viewing Profile of {users}
Check this out:
[Image: f1ded1ad70de49b4a3937865a1e7ed6e.png]

you can disable who is online list completely to guests

admin panel >> users & groups >> groups >> guests (edit user group) --> Miscellaneous (tab)
--> Who's Online --> Can view who's online? --> deselect (remove check-in / remove tick) and save settings
aha sorry for my wrong question, i mean, how to drop/drive/discard/ or whats english language for (they are not come to our forum) so that they are not viewing our forum anymore, cause i think they are mechines, now they trying to registering :V haha

[Image: 2enwbqf.jpg]
Interesting, look's like some bot software. Tighten your registration security so they can't register.. captcha , security questions, etc and block the ip range from cpanel or mybb acp

Also check if you enabled " Stop Forum Spam " in ACP
thank you donald, i just need ban that IP's ^_^
not active stop forum spam yet, cause i can't register api in that website.
for while, i just put unique security question