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Full Version: CSS for next page buttons?
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On the thread listing, where is the css for the next page button?

Is it a template or something? If so which one.

Or can I add css to the global.css and it will affect this?

I can do the css myself or pay my friend to do, i just need location of where the css is located. I am using paid fragstar red theme on a localhost forum till I am able to publish it online upon its completion.

How it looks at the moment:

[Image: IYedCt1.png]
you can use required style properties for below elements in the global.css
.pagination_next <= next page link
.pagination_previous <= previous page link
.pagination a <= all pagination links
.pagination_current <= current page indicator

related templates :
multipage | multipage_nextpage | multipage_page | multipage_page_current | multipage_prevpage ...
Thanks! Found it, and solved.

Amazing support,
Many thanks.