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Full Version: Logout button not working
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I just installed the forum version 1.8.7, I was configuring everything using my Admin account, but now when I press the "Logout" button, it shows me the window saying:

"You have successfully been logged out.
You will now be taken back to the forum index."

But when I'm redirected I still loggued in, the only plugin I installed was the "MySubscriptions 1.7.3", but I don't think that's the problem.

Ps: If I'm loggued in and I click in the AdminCp and login there too, after I logout in the forums and try to open the AdminCP I get the "Invalid administration session.", so it's working, but it's not haha
you should upgrade, not do new install

if you doing new installing with old database, you can see error login and logout indeed
No, it's a brand new install.
^ see

cookie path should be /forums/
first change it in ~/inc/settings.php file and
then at Site Details of Configuration section in forum admin panel
Thank you, indeed was a cookie problem.