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Full Version: Add new database connection.
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Is it possible to make new connection to database tables without a prefix on it. I have only one host server (one database "db_company"). 

The database had different tables:
My forum is using the tables with prefix 'comm' (e.g. comm_users, comm_usertitles, comm_warnings and so on..)    

My main website is using the tables without 'comm' prefix (e.g. user, support, user_info and so on.. )

It looks like this:
[Image: tdDSzuq.jpg]
I am able to connect and view all forum users on my main website. But I dont know how to do it in MyBB because of the prefix 'comm' and its connection function. Do I need to make new customize connection again to the database so I can able to access all the tables? If yes, How?

¿why you do not use the same database with different prefix, on the Instalation Script?

if you do not want to use the Prefix: Leave it Blank!

[Image: Captura_de_pantalla_2016_04_21_a_las_5_40_33_p_m.png]

The Files must be in different Roots folder, for example:


or can config the forums with SubDomains, for example: --> web1/Forums-with-Prefix --> web2/Forums-without-Prefix