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Full Version: SCEditor problem?
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So after a lot of time, I am now convinced we have an issue with either SCEditor or the way it is implemented in MyBB. I am now very confident of the following:

iPad users in full mode, any theme, any browser or version of iOS: no problems using quick reply or quick edit, but using the full editor, typing slows down the longer the reply until it almost stalls the browser.

Android (Samsung Galaxy Tab A and others), Adblock browser (will test others): no problem with quick reply or quick edit, but full edit/quote/reply has the following issues:
  • deleting a typed character causes the cursor bar to disappear, and resets the cursor position to the first character of the quoted text
  • Multiple hard returns ignored (actually, they seem to beĀ inserted after the cursor position)
  • left/right arrows cause the cursor to disappear and cursor position appears to be random
  • Quoting a quote (nested quotes) caused the browser to shut down repeatedly
Any clues?
similar issues were reported earlier - but can't say the cause is MyBB's implementation.

have you tried using another editor - may be you can try rin editor (based on CK editor)
That was my next port of call, but I need to be able to edit the list of video types (users insist on trying to add all sorts of garbage, then get frustrated and bellyache when they don't work), and I was told that you can't do that on CKEditor. Currently I have them locked down to YouTube, Facebook, LiveLeak and Vimeo, and I added in a separate button for Vine yesterday...