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Full Version: insert a new user programmatically?
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Hello everyone, please This is very important. I am sorry if it is asked before. 

I have created a mobile app, and i have mybb forum. All connecting to same database.
Is it possible that when a user is creating a new account in the app, user can login to the website with the same credential?

what is the query for doing such a thing?

insert into mybb_users values(............); < what is the MUST INSERT fields 

There are more than 80 field in this table  Sad  

I will only use use email+Password+name  (Other fields I will make them null or default value)


INSERT INTO mybb_users (username, password,email) VALUES ('username','password','[email protected]');

Or should i insert other fields to null or  default value

*authentication is already done inside the mobile app.


I have insert a user into mybb_users tables successfully

but when i try to login using the username, i got error message saying user is not registered ??

what are the other needed tables i have to fill