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Full Version: Image embedding not working.
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Since today I've found my img tags no longer embed images on my forum. I have not tampered with any of the core files included in the installation and am left wondering why this is displaying as it currently is. I've gone through and checked each individual forum for allowing images & double checked my forum allows Mycode globally and it is enabled.

[Image: ZxCZv6b.png]

Additionally, I've disabled the few plugins I have to attempt to solve this myself without any luck. The only files I've edited before this occured was a few CSS files in relation to the header logo & nav bar so I'd be surprised if this was the issue.

Thanks in advance.
Your Show images option may be disabled. Have you recently upgraded?

Can you run an SSL query?

UPDATE mybb_users
SET showimages=1

Also try unchecking this:

[Image: 9vahlhF.png?1]

saving, then checking it again and saving. Might help!
That's just the cause. Thank you ever so much.
(2016-04-23, 11:08 PM)Zilo Wrote: [ -> ]That's just the cause. Thank you ever so much.

You're very welcome!