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Full Version: Where to find translation of this?
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Hello, I noticed translation of this part to my native language is completely broken. But I can not find where it is, this is the original text :


Y has just started a new thread in F. This is a forum you have subscribed to at A.

The thread is titled T

I ve changed user / forum names.

in Turkish translation it uses user name instead of forum. I can't find which file consists this.
Thank you, I am fixing it right now. Another quick question, I installed my forum as 1.8.4 and got Turkish language pack 1.8.4 then I made tons of fixes and corrections. You wouldn't believe how silly mistakes there are.

Now my forum is 1.8.7 but Turkish language pack still says 1.8.4

a. If I update it to 1.8.7, my corrections will be undone?
b. Is there a way to transfer English (original) parts to Turkish file so I can translate myself?
c. If I translate new English language files without transferring (modifying English file), would they get reset next time I update my forum?
Turkish language pack is not yet updated for MyBB 1.8.7
if you change Turkish language files then your corrections will be lost.

changing version number in turkish.php file does not affect your changes.

you can use English language files side by side with Turkish language files to modify Turkish files.
admin panel >> configuration >> languages >> Turkish --> options --> edit with English language variables

in general, upgrading MyBB version also updates English language files.
MyBB source pack provided here consists of English language pack only (American version)