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Full Version: Login with other user acc
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I got a problem that's driving me nuts! Please, I need your help!

I log in my forum, with my username and password, after login I found that I am logged with other user's account!

Sometimes I log in mine and remain there for a while (random time) and while changing sessions (tabs) of the forum, I turn another user again!

Many registered users are having the same problem!

My forum version is 1.6.9 and have some customizations made by another admin that isn't with us anymore and I'm afraid that an upgrade can broke everything.

Nonetheless, I tried all configurations suggested in this topic: and read this other one:

Neither one has given me a solution.

Does anyone know how can i fix that ?

Thanks in advance
what is your forum url & who is your web host ? are you using any php accelerators / cache memory system
my url is and my webhost is a brazilian one: libra soluções. I guess it's not THAT professional, if you know what I mean, lol

how can I know if these features are being used?

I just joined de admin team, and none of us have technical skills for maintain the forum. Like I said the admin that configured everything got away. I've got some knowledge in IT infrastructure, but none in webadmin.
check in config.php file (inc folder)
do you see $config['cache_store'] = 'db'; or something else ?
Yep. This exact setting is uncommented.

Ah, I got some extra info: the forum was moved from a windows server to a linux one. I did change the CHMOD permissions following thoroughly this tut:
basically it is a problem from web server. please contact web host support and ask to fix the issue.
tell them that login cookies are not storing correctly into users' browsers.
Thanks, man! I'll talk with them about that.

Well, do you think that an upgrade to 1.8 would destroy all the customizations that was made in our forum? Is there any method to upgrade the backend and leave the frontend untouchable?
your forum has lot of customization and they will be affected by upgrading forum ..

there is no method to upgrade the backend only. if you are comfortable in paying
then you may hire someone experienced to take care of upgrading your forum
Ok, Thanks! I'll discuss with the admin team to hire some help.

As soon as I get a reply of the webhost I'll post the results for future reference, ok?
^ yes, please do post the web host response.