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Full Version: {HELP} Bots attack !!!!!
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My forums frequently get Bots attacks.
Although I bad the IP and Acct. for such Bots Still on my forums those Bots keep posting randoms threads in a huge amount.
Is there any way by which/Pulgins I can stops Bots each.

Please Please help me out frm this.
Just ban and ban them using purge spammer.. (ban user and IP Address)

Change your security question something hard..

Temporary active them via Administrator..
you must use google recaptca on registration and also on posting and use hard questions on registration but goolge recaptca is best
Just use Recaptcha from Google, some good thematic sec questions, and activation by e-mail man.

This should do the job well.
consider putting cloudflare on your site. I havent seen a single spam post ever since I used them
NoCAPTCHA is a very effective method.
I have tried all the stuff still I am suffering bots attacks
(2016-05-10, 07:23 PM)My BB Wrote: [ -> ]I have tried all the stuff still I am suffering bots attacks

Sounds like you need to find yourself some moderators.  There is no end all solution to these types of attacks.
Add security questions that mybb provides, admin cp -> configurations > leftside somewhere
e.g. whats the forum name maybe?

And ban all the spam bots that are left then.
bot keep making threads That the major problems ALL security are enabled