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Full Version: Forum is crashed.........
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I tried to upgrade my forum...and now it will not come back online. It is crashed. Before I just delete it...... is there something i can do to fix it?
I tried to upgrade from 1.6.? to the latest...copied every single file exactly....and now it does not want to come back online

It looks like you might have missed a couple of files during the upload, specifically ./inc/db_base.php.
hmm..... I looked into the 1.807 change files and I dont even see that file listed.
^ do you have db_base.php file located in inc folder ?
inc/init.php may be outdated as it is supposed to load said file.
(2016-05-06, 06:57 PM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]^ do you have db_base.php file located in inc folder ?

No sir...that file is NOT in that folder at all
The changed files is for upgrading from 1.8.6. to 1.8.7. Your original post saying you're going from 1.6, so you'll need the full package.
Can I upload all the files just like a change file upgrade? Should I have went back and did each upgrade in order. This is all my fault for not staying up to date. Thank you all for your help

Update...... I uploaded every single file from the 1.8.7 package and ran the upgrade script.  it gave me this error during the process......
you can try repairing the database table by using SQL query like below
REPAIR TABLE `mybb_sessions`

see if required => common SQL queries guidance

btw, have you taken database backup before starting the upgrade ?
see upgrading guidance